Sunday, June 21, 2015

Review: The Selection series

I told myself I would never read The Selection, but as you might have already guessed it, I read it. The reason I told myself this was because I heard a lot of people saying that the main protagonist was a really frustrating character (and she totally is). But, recently I was seeing a lot of hype for the series on bookstagram and it kind if got me wondering if I should at least give the series a shot. Then, on Pinterest, a girl I follow kept pinning stuff about the series and I finally just caved right in.

I have only read the first 3 books, but I wanted to review those first since they go more together.
                 The Selection (The Selection, #1)   The Elite (The Selection, #2)    The One (The Selection, #3)

General summary: The best way to describe this series is that it's basically like The Bachelor. Now, I've never really been invested in that show. I actually only watched a few episodes of it a few years back because a teacher from my high school was on it haha. Anyways, the Selection is a contest where 35 girls are chosen to compete for the heart of Prince Maxon. Our main protagonist, America Singer is among the 35 girls chosen for the selection, but there's one small problem, she is in love with someone else and she doesn't necessarily think highly of Prince Maxon.

My thoughts: One of my favorite things about this series is the world. It was interesting to read about because it is set in the future, but it is about royalty. In this world, there is something called a caste system which basically ranks people as royalty to poor. There is so much to this world and I was a bit disappointed because I think there could have been so much more done with the world.

America Singer. America Singer is probably the most frustrating main protagonist that I have ever encountered!! She just kills me with her poor decisions! Some decisions I understood, but others I was just shaking the book hoping to knock some sense into her! And yes, there is a love triangle and it was so frustrating. Some love triangles are done really well, but this one was not. Aspen was just annoying and at times I was wondering why he was even there. Maxon, on the other hand, was so adorable, sweet, and kind! There is really more to him than just being a Prince and he did have his moments where I became slightly mad at him, but mostly he made my heart swell.

I really liked the side characters in this series like America's maids. They added something special to the series that made me enjoy it a bit more and I liked how much America truly cared for them. Marley was also a wonderful character and her and America are #friendshipgoals!
I really liked America's dad and other than Maxon, America's dad is probably my favorite character. He didn't appear much, but the small things we know about him are special and tear worthy (for me).

I feel like there are more negatives to this series than positives which is weird because I flew through these books and whilst in college so they were pretty fast and interesting reads. I would say my favorite book is the third one because it just felt like more intense and exciting things happened and the cover is so prettyyyy. When I finished it I couldn't even control my emotions because the feels were too real! I was crying of sadness and happiness...I was a mess. In fact this is how I most likely looked:


For the most part I enjoyed this series, but I wouldn't recommend it to everyone though. If you think you can handle a highly frustrating character like America then go for it, but if not then I think it wouldn't be worth your time. You're not really missing anything except Maxon's adorableness :)

SLIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD to let out some of my feels: 

I hate how America never told Maxon about Aspen! She had so many opportunities to tell him, but she doesn't! I was just waiting for it to blow up in her face and it killed me.

Also, did anyone else just feel all the feels when reading the letters that Maxon wrote to America?!?!

Tv Glee animated GIF


And when he said this to America:
OMG the tears were gushing at this point!!!!

I LOST IT!!! I literally can't think about it without my eyes getting slightly watery.