Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Review: The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson

The Kiss of Deception (The Remnant Chronicles, #1)Before I read this book, I saw reviews that said it was SO good, but I think it was just decent. I also heard about a huge plot twist, but I got to the end and I was like where is it? Must not have been that big of a plot twist if I missed it.
All in all, this book was kind of 3 stars for me, but I rounded it up to 4 stars because of the ending.
Here are my scattered thoughts in list form because lists make thoughts seem more collected.
Cover is linked to Goodreads summary.

-First, I had a hard time believing some parts of the story, like when Lia escapes on the day of her wedding. If I'm not mistaken, Lia is a princess living in a guarded castle/kingdom or whatever it's called. Yet, she manages to escape without one person or guard noticing. And on her wedding day where there should be people everywhere! I don't buy it! 
- I didn't care for most of the first 200 pages. I felt like nothing was really happening. It was basically just the Assassin and the Prince trying to get Lia's attention or Lia flirting with them. It was all really sort of annoying. OMG these guys. They were competing for her attention and I was just like:

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-Yes, there is a love triangle. At least I think there is. The Assassin and The Prince. In the beginning, you don't know which guy is which and it frustrated the heck out of me, but I had my guess on who was who, but sometimes I would second guess myself. It's frustrating, but it made me keep wanting to read the book to figure out who was who and in the end I was right!
-I really do hate choosing sides because sometimes my ship sinks and it hurts my shipper heart, but I am on #TeamPrince.

-I really liked Lia's relationship with her brothers, especially Walther. They weren't around much, or at all really, but I liked how she talked about them. Through her point of view, we heard stories about things they did for her and it was so cute. *cries forever because I want an older brother*

-The 2nd half of the book was way cooler and interesting to read. There was traveling, but stuff was actually happening. The lies are revealed, some truths are let out, some people die, and discoveries are made!!! It was way cool.

-I'm not too attached to the characters like I thought I'd be. Lia  reminds me of Shahrzad from The Wrath & the Dawn because of her mouth. Other than that, I think she's just alright.

I think the sequel will be a little less boring and things will actually happen.


  1. agh, I detest slow beginnings. They can totally turn me off a book. *heavy sigh* I kind of want to read this one...someday. XD but it's not high on my list, tbh, mostly because I'm scared of the love-triangle! I REALLY don't like triangles.

    1. Ermagerd, I did NOT mean to leave that twitter link in there!! I accidentally clicked "control copy" and then hit publish my comment and GAHHH I AM EMBARRASSED SO SORRY. *digs hole and collapses into darkness*

    2. Hahaha it's all good!! Sometimes I do stuff like that too, but don't notice it until like 2 days later!